adelaide beer and bbq event details

ABBF will take place at the Adelaide Showground in Wayville on the Leader Street side. We recommend the tram to the Goodwood Station, only a short walk from the entrance to the festival.

There are numerous bus services, ample taxi and UBER space.

Please be responsible, we recommend not driving, but if you do then there is some limited paid parking off of Leader Street.


You can choose to either purchase an individual session ticket or a season pass with your choice of a preloaded amount of currency ($30, $50, $100).

To receive your ticket;

• Have your preloaded ticket posted to you for $3 (recommended).
This means you put your wristband on before you get to the festival and walk straight in!
You can choose the postal method up until two weeks out from the festival (if not sold out in advance)
• Pick up your ticket(s) from Sturt Street Cellars (Corner King William & Sturt Street, Adelaide) in the week before the event (from 9am Monday 24/7 up until Thursday 27/7 at 9pm)
No fees just need to bring your ticket printout OR photo ID and the credit card you used to purchase the tickets
• Collect from the box office at the festival
No fees but please allow some time to process you as there may be many people doing the same thing
You will need to bring your ticket printout OR photo ID and the credit card you used to purchase the ticket


The Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival will be continuing with a digital currency for the 2017 event, to ensure speed of service, increased security and ease of transactions at the many Bars, Food Outlets and Vendor Stalls. Most importantly, there will be no need to wait in lines, counting out coins to buy a beer, as your friends get thirsty for your round!

As such, all food and drink purchased at the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival will need to be paid for using the simple, tap-and-go Festival Currency Wristbands.

If you pre-purchase $30, $50 or $100 of Festival Currency with your ticket purchase (which we highly recommend, to avoid unnecessary queuing on the day), you can choose to have your wristband sent, pre-loaded with Festival Currency, prior to the event. If you buy a Ticket only, you will need to purchase Festival Currency once inside the venue.

At the venue, Festival Currency wristbands can be topped up at currency stands or by our friendly roaming top-up currency sellers.


Can I use cash to pay for food and drinks if I haven’t purchased Festival Currency?

The Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival is a ‘cashless’ festival. In other words, to buy food and drinks at the event you’ll need to use festival currency.

How Does Festival Currency Work?

You can buy festival currency at the event (with exact cash or credit card) or for a faster experience, in advance when you purchase your tickets. The wristband you will receive contains a chip, which can be read by the Exhibitor’s scanning device, that deducts a set amount depending on what you purchase. It’s so simple to use, let the exhibitor know what you would like to purchase. They will ring up the transaction on their device. Then scan your wristband against their device and bingo, transaction is complete, start enjoying your beers!

How much should I put on my Festival Currency Wristband

The approximate Price Guide at the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival is:

120ml sample of any beer or cider: $2.50
Full 360ml Handle of Cider: $7.50-$12.50 (depending on the ABV%)
Food – $5.00 – $20.00
We would recommend a minimum of $50 to be pre-loaded onto your wristband to maximise your experience at the Festival!
How do I know how much is remaining on my wristband?
Visitors can simply ask an Exhibitor how much credit they have remaining and scan their wristband, or do the same at any Roaming Top-Up Seller or Festival Currency Booth.
After each transaction, the Exhibitor will also show you the balance on your wristband.

Cool, but how much do I pay for this?

That’s easy: A one-time activation fee of $2.50 is deducted from your initial top-up (think of it as the purchase cost of the wristband). It only gets deducted once and no longer will you be charged ATM fees each and every time you need a little more cash on site!

Can I get a refund on any Festival Currency I don’t spend at the event?

Yes you can! Either on-site at the designated Recharge Bars OR online in the comfort of your own home.
Make sure you keep your wristband. Head to the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival website from Tuesday 1st August – Friday 11th August and click on the FESTIVAL CURRENCY REFUND button.
Simply enter your full name, email address, BSB, Account Number as well as the RFID number printed on the back of the wristband and the 4-5 digit code printed on the side of your wristband and hit complete!
Your refund will be processed back into your bank account within 14 working days.
Please note, refunds under $2.50 are unable to be processed.


ABBF is in winter. Winter in Adelaide gets cold and likely wet too! Whilst most of ABBF is contained in historic buildings and temporary shelters with open fires throughout the outdoor areas it is still likely you will be cold (and maybe even get a bit wet). Dress warm and bring your party boots. The show will go on rain, hail, snow, blizzard or shine.


While the showgrounds are very big, the area we take up is limited in size, hence this is a limited capacity event. To ensure you don’t miss out you will need to pre-purchase tickets for each session. When the session is sold out it is sold out! If there are tickets left for any given session they will be available on the door, but this is not guaranteed.

Note we do have group buying discounts so get your friends together and buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment!


Children under the age of 10 accompanied by a parent or guardian are permitted in free. Minors aged 10-18 years of age will be required to pay half of the session admission fee at the point of entry to be admitted. Strictly 1 (one) minor per parent or guardian permitted. This applies only to the Sunday session only, all other sessions are strictly 18+