Three Oaks Cider Co.

Three Oaks Cider Co. was established in 2008 by the winemakers at Step Rd Winery, Langhorne Creek, and draws inspiration directly from the orchard with the aim to deliver a fresh, crisp cider with a wonderfully balanced palate and sweetness.

Predominantly Three Oaks Cider’s use the following varieties to create our perfect blend:
•Pink Lady – A sweet, dense, aromatic and juicy variety. She’s known as the queen of apples for being the all rounder adding sweetness and tannin to the flavour profile.
•Granny Smith – A tart and tangy variety that has more acid than its counterparts, balancing out the sweetness so you can drink Three Oaks all day!
•Red Delicious – Highly aromatic variety giving our cider the distinct, crushed apple aroma. The red delicious also brings out the sweetness in the other varieties.

Three Oaks Cider