abbf up in smoke bbq competition

Up In Smoke BBQ Competition is Adelaide’s only Australasian BBQ Alliance sanctioned low and slow American style Barbecue event. Held at the Beer & BBQ Festival on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July, the Festival attracts approximately 12,000 people across the three days of festivities, bingeing on a buffet of local, interstate and international craft brews, smoked meat and music.

Now in its second year, the Up In Smoke Competition has generated a lot of interest from backyarders, fierce competitors and eager bystanders due to the worldwide trend that is barbecue. In 2016, 23 teams registered to compete, the biggest first year event of its kind within the ABA nationally.

In 2017 there are 35 competitions nationally and since Up In Smoke was announced in late February 2017, 40 teams from all over Australia have registered to compete and pit their skills, sauces, rubs, marinades and smokers against each other to gain the status of Grand Champion. Thanks to our amazing sponsors; Rustic Soul Smokers, My Butcher (Riverine Beef & Jack’s Creek), Clean Heat BBQ, Homestead Lovers and SA BBQ Woods we have recently announced a whopping prize pool of $17,000, making Up In Smoke one of the largest competitions in Australia.

With last year’s national champions ‘Suck Knuckle Smokers’ based right here in Adelaide along with other hometown heroes like The Smoking Joint, Rub & Grub and Porky’s Pit all competing this year, we are in for one hell of a competition.

royal adelaide beer and cider awards

The Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards will be presented live at the ABBF on Friday night around 6pm. The medal winners (where possible) will be exhibiting their award winning beers and ciders at the festival, meaning you will be able to sample them before anyone else can get their lips around them!

Brewers and producers across Australia are being encouraged to enter this year’s Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards.

Reintroduced as part of the Royal Adelaide Show in 2011 after a 80-year hiatus, the Beer Awards aim to recognise the importance of Australia’s $7 billion beer industry and to provide an opportunity for small breweries to test their wares against larger brewers.

Follow the Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards on Twitter – and by using #RABCA in your tweets.